Second Year Recruitment Results

Congratulations to everyone who made it to PAG. The response from second yearites was extremely wonderful. The limited vacancies made it strenuous for us to reject some equally good coders. The interviews were a delightful experience for us and probably for them as well.

We welcome the following people into Programming and Algorithms Group :

  • Abhishek Kanhar

  • Adarsh Kumar

  • Anjali Raj

  • Ashish Ranjan

  • Aviroop Pal

  • Harsh Jain

  • Harshit Singhal

  • Manas Gupta

  • Nikhil Kaushik

  • Rhea Parekh

  • Samarth Joshi

  • Shivansh Arora

  • Swapnil Negi

  • Vinay Aggarwal

Nevertheless, we hope that everyone continues to learn and practice.