Interview: ACM ICPC Summer Camp 2015

This year 3 members from PAG were invited to attend the ACM ICPC Summer Camp 2015 at Amrita School of Engineering. ACM-ICPC World Finalist 2014,2015 and an alumnus of PAG, Surya Kiran was a trainer at the camp. Hear each of the attendees speak about his experience.

Vikas Yadav

As I had never been to any such training camp before, this surely was a new experience for me. The camp covered pretty advanced stuff like Treaps , FFT , Suffix arrays , Mobius function and some advanced graph theory topics and many other topics. Everyday we learned some new topics and solved hard problems on those topics. It was great to see how our trainers approached the hard problems (Div1 D,E) and solved problems that required really tricky concepts. This gave me some confidence to try hard problems. After a week long of learning new topics and trying hard problems, CodeChef served us a final contest. The problems were prepared by our trainers who had worked hard all night. And results pretty much showed that the camp was successful.

These kind of camps would be a great experience for anyone who likes algorithms and coding. Personally I feel it was great to see many school students attending camps like these and preparing for IOI. But all this was possible due to the hard work of our trainers. Overall I would recommend going to any such camp, if the opportunity is available.

Saurabh Verma

Picture yourself in a room with a proficient group of people doing what you love to do. Well, that is exactly what I experienced. Being a part of ACM ICPC summer camp at Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore was a highly motivating and stimulating experience. Getting to solve many medium and hard problems certainly pushed the limits and brimmed the confidence. With just few months left for ICPC, this was essentially the best I could get after missing the winter camp opportunity. Learning many new topics from past World Finalists broadened the vision immensely. A competition concluded the camp with the hope and desire to perform better at the international level. With the awesome campus of Amrita and the city of Bangalore, the camp could not get better. An awesome week full of challenges, inspirations and amazements.

Vaibhav Gosain

This was a new and interesting experience for me, as I had never attended any kind of training camp before this.The main motive behind the camp was to cover topics which most of Indian competitive programmers are not fluent at, and which do not have very good tutorials on the internet. Some advanced topics were taught, and a number of difficult problems (~ div1 C,D,E) were solved during classes.

The camp was very informative, and it was inspiring to see ACM ICPC world finalists solve tricky problems in front of us, giving us insights on what should be the thinking process while tackling such problems.