Recruitment Experience (2) - Sahil Grover

“Like any freshman, I didn’t have much idea about what to do in life. Programming and Algorithms Group - PAG, the group that promotes Algorithmic programming in IITR. I decided to appear in the recruitment test for first year students after being inspired in the intro talk by the members of the group.I have been solving problems on online judges like Codechef, SPOJ etc.I specifically enjoy solving problems on Erdős and Project Euler(which are more focused on math).

The recruitment for first yearites consisted of a written test followed by two rounds of interviews.There was also the contest ‘Noobematics’ on Erdős which primarily consisted of problems testing one’s mathematical aptitude. The test as well as the interviews mainly focused on the ability of an individual to solve algorithmic and logical problems. Past experience in programming is an added benefit.

The group organizes lectures on essential programming topics (open lectures as well as internal lectures) and also hosts a QOTW(Questions of the week ) series. I learnt many algorithms and also brushed up my knowledge of mathematics. Nothing compares to the satisfaction one gets on solving an arduous problem. To be really good at competitive programming, one needs to be passionate and resolute.It teaches you perseverance and time management. PAG has been a great continuous learning experience for me. Not only have I learned algorithms and mathematics, it has also helped me improve my problem solving skills, focus and mental stamina. I have met some of the sharpest minds in IITR here at PAG and I have learnt a lot from them.”