Recruitment Experience (3) - Piyush Melhotra

“I had just bought my laptop before coming to college(like most of you), and didn’t know any other use of it rather than watching movies and T.V. series(like most of you). I had no programming experience beforehand and was completely clueless about what to do with life(BTW, i’m still clueless).

After the Intro Talk of PAG, I started practicing through some problems on SPOJ. It was tough in the beginning, with every now and then I was getting RE, CE, TLE. But with the help of seniors and fellow mates, that problem slowly faded away. It was through PAG because of which I was introduced to ICPC and was able to clear the online round in 1st year itself.

The recruitment of first yearites is solely based on their mathematical and logical reasoning skills. It was tough to get selected, but it was worth it. With the frequent open, internal lectures and QOTW(Questions Of The Week), my knowledge in algorithms increased many fold.

In PAG, one gets to meet the most intelligent people of IITR. And with their guidance and inputs(and chapos), my approach to problem-solving(and life) has changed.

Stay Limitless.”

  • Piyush Mehrotra aka hm_98, CSE 2nd year