Recruitment Experience (4) - Shubham Garg

“My goal in 12th , as of any other IIT aspirant was to get admission in an IIT college. So, I focussed just on that in 12th and had no idea about my interests. But after coming back from introductory lecture of PAG, I started trying to solve mathematical problems on Erdős and coding problems on Codechef and soon developed an interest in it. As I just started coding, my performance on Codechef was terrible, but with the help of some of my mates, who had some previous experience in coding and help from the seniors and members of PAG, I started doing better.

Later in the year, recruitments for PAG started for 1st year. It was a long process with one logic-based online contest on Erdős (Noobematics) followed by a written test and a few interviews of short-listed candidates. I gave the test and got selected (because recruitment in first year is on the basis of logical reasoning of candidate,my roughness in coding was not a big issue) . The exposure I got by meeting the sharpest competitive coding enthusiast minds in campus was amazing. My interest in coding increased even more after talking to them. My knowledge about algorithms increased many folds in the past year.

PAG also provides interesting problems on various topics on its facebook page via QOTW(Questions Of The Week) to spread the coding culture in the campus.The group also organizes lectures on essential programming topics. My programming skills increased a lot by attending those lectures. Being a member of PAG not only increased my coding skills, but also increased my focus and time management.This has been a wonderful experience.”

  • Shubham Garg, CSE 2nd year.